Friday, September 30, 2011

Random Photo

Look at this.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


i see darkness and hear moaning. it reeks of chocolate chip. something next to me
speaks in words that i do not understand. words start to become clear when i focus and drown the
terrible moaning away. the voice says that I'm in a bag and the bag is in a box. there is no way out unless a Namuh
releases us from this secret domain. What is this Namuh? Why are we in a bag? Why is this bag in a box? So many questions but i must focus on getting out of this hell. the contraption that we are in starts to shake and move
and the moaning gets louder. there is a loud crash and the shaking stops. i still see darkness and i begin to hear a new voice. the voice is soothing and it tells me more about this place we are in. a plan for escape is hatched and its a devilish one. it involves the sacrifice of others for the sake of living and eventually seeing what is on the other
side of these closed in walls. more movement and then i hear a ripping sound. i look and see a beautiful light, a glorious light. my mind runs wild with ideas and places that i've never been too but it feels so real. a shadow covers the light and it looks in the box. THIS MUST BE NAMUH! i prep myself for the plan of action and as the Namuh's talon enter the box and i shimmy away to escape from being captured. Namuh leaves and everything is peaceful, for now. I move quickly and use the wrinkles of the bag to climb to the top. i reach the top and what i see blows my mind. i must find a way to release my friends. they must see what i see. i look at myself and notice that i'm brittle and graham crackerish. a hard fall would kill me and turn me into brown crumbs. I look below and see a white circle. it looks so soft and hypnotic. It just screams "jump on me." i give in and take the leap of faith. before i land, i yell FREEEEEEEEEEDOOOO...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Urban Troll 2

this was created back in college. it has horror, suspense, drama, death, robots
and a mummy. what does this all mean??? you tell me, yo!

7/16 Gauge

the decision to stretch my ears was a curious one. there was no religious beliefs behind it, purely for looks. i already had both my ears pierced and was growing stale of all the earring options. i did not really think about stretching until i met my friend. i always had my reservation about getting my ears elongated because it just seemed too painful. my friend explained the process to me and i grew more curious about this cosmetic feature. on a random day i decided to begin this venture so i started looking around my house for things to stick in my ear(i was too cheap to buy real tapers) step by painful step and week by painful week i slowly stretched. the one rule i broke was to let my ears heal before moving to the next size but i was just to anxious to wait. this led to several blowouts and lots of bloody lobs. again my friend came to the rescue and fixed me right up. 6 months later im at the size above without any scars or nasty blowouts. all i have to say is "thanks"

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kickass Pancakes

i don't know what's cooler...these pancakes that become art or the dedication he has to make his daughter smile.

Lonely Haiku

small girl stands alone
classmates run into building
deep thoughts happy thoughts

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

this is my first blog. its going to be about things that i come up with from my unique thought process. enjoy!